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Paardenmarkt 2

Are you looking for an excellent investment? For a place where your children can fully experience their student life (both at educational and social level)? Or are you just looking for an investment in an already rented student room?

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Who is Paardenmarkt 2 destined for?

This project consists of 108 student rooms with a trendy finishing, in which the student's individual comfort occupies a central place. Each room disposes of its own sanitation facilities and 2 common kitchens are foreseen on each floor. The optimal exploitation of the space is guaranteed by an entirely tailor-made, sustainable and conceptual piece of furniture.

Are you rather looking for a hip apartment or studio? 'I LOVE PAARDENMARKT 2' also has 8 apartments (2, 3 or 4 bedrooms) and 4 studios located on the building's highest floors, so that the students' part remains separated from the apartments.

Investing on a top location!

'I LOVE PAARDENMARKT 2' is a project on a top location in the heart of Antwerp's student district. The University of Antwerp is located at a distance of 50m. The several colleges are also nearby, just like the cozy student bars. You're only a 10-minutes walk away from Central Station, the 'Eilandje' or the 'Meir'.

Not convinced yet? You can also buy a rented student room!

To put it briefly: 'I LOVE PAARDENMARKT 2' is the perfect investment!


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