Qui Vit 2
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66 - 128 m2

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the hidden gem in the heart of antwerp

Living at an altitude in the nicest part of Antwerp

Green areas within walking distance. Plenty of atmosphere on the "Dageraadplaats" in the Zurenborg area. An endless amount of light entering through the large windows. Relax at the Zoo located nearby. An underground parking...

Moreover, the apartments in "I LOVE QUI VIT 2" dispose of the same assets that you can find in all LIFE's projects: a perfect finishing, high-quality materials, a smart use of space..

Everything city lovers are looking for!


Stylish apartments

Each apartment has large windos allowing lots of sunshine in the morning and inside terraces on which you can enjoy the most beautiful city in the world. Of course, you will have to take care of the decoration, but we know for sure that you will love our approach and materials.

The most beautiful view upon the city

'QUI VIT 2' offers a view upon the Central Station, the Zoo, the city park and the impressive railway centers. When the weather is fine enough, you can even see the flames from the BASF factory, the glittering of the 'Havenhuis' [Port house] and the 'Justitiepaleis' [Law Courts] in the 'Zuid' district.

Close to everything

From 'QUI VIT 2', it will only take you 9 minutes to go to the 'Groenplaats' (the central place leading you to everywhere in the city). Public transport is only a stone's throw away, the bicycle paths are excellent and even by car you'll quickly reach the 'Ring'.

"With 'I LOVE QUI VIT 2', we have been trying to develop high-quality apartments in an upcoming neighborhood. It is the perfect moment to invest in this neighborhood, especially because the new environment construction and the presence of the Central Station will offer strong added value." Serge Hannecart - CEO


Apartments with 1, 2 or 3 bedroom(s) or a spacious penthouse with a roof terrace?

That’s up to you! But one thing's for sure: your new home will reflect LIFE's typical modern and qualitative style. Inside, every square centimeter of your apartment has ingeniously been exploited. Moreover, the smart orientation of the rooms will allow you to optimally enjoy the light entering through the enormous windows. Do you like to enjoy the calm on the outside? You can do it on your terrace or go for a walk to the city park around the corner!

Below, you'll find examples of apartments with 2 or 3 bedrooms. Would you like to look at the other plans? Give us your contact data and discover 'I LOVE QUI VIT 2'.

Type 2 bedrooms

Type 2 bedrooms

Type 1 bedroom


Green, greener, greenest

Your jogging trail in the city park starts at 500 meters from the elevator doors; just far enough to do some warming up before. Do you prefer to simply walk in a green area? You'll only have to walk 10 minutes to reach the revolving doors of the Zoo – mainly through the immense entrance hall of the railway station. And in order to enjoy a musical evening in open air theater 'Rivierenhof', you'll just have to take your bike: you can use the red, four-kilometer long, perfectly asphalted bicycle path.

The coziest neighborhood

There's a reason why 'Zurenborg' is a large mix of young families, students, artists and day tourists with a Canon camera around their neck: it is the city's coziest neighborhood (with great bars, excellent restaurants and the most beautiful little terraces). The fact that you won't need to take a cab to go home afterwards, is unique, of course.

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